about the “International Agency for Disabled People“

Public Union.


 We bring to your notice that the “International Agency for Disabled People“ Public Union was established on 22 February, 2008 in Azerbaijan. The Union entered into state registration on 30 June, 2010. The main objective of the Union is the cooperation with the disabled of all categories around the world, the learning and applying positive work experience for solution of the disabled` problems, the achieving their enlightenment and participation in all spheres of life. Every citizen may be a member of our Public Union no matter of his / her religion, race and nationality.

  According to the statute, our Union can open departments and divisions in foreign countries.



This is the bank account of "The International Society for the Disabled People," need generous people's financial assistance.

Thank you in advance on behalf of our society for every effort and help.

International Bank of Azerbaijan "Industry" Branch

AZ 82 IBAZ 38090 01 944 2609752 211- AZN;

AZ 72 IBAZ 38190 01 840 2609752 211- USD


"Disabled World" will be your world.

“Disabled World "newspaper was founded in 2002. Mission of "People's World" newspaper to show the potential of people with disabilities in the public sector, care of people with disabilities, their dreams, thoughts, as well as the problems will be reflected in our newspaper. Officials who have criticized the indifferent attitude of the population quota will become our goal. Global issues related to the disabled, the proposals will cover. "Disabled World" will publish our planets best practices as an example of in civilized countries.

In every edition lawyers will respond to requests



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